Hello, I’m Aku and I work 40 hours a week.

I believe too many people running small companies (they also call them startups or growth companies) make their life unnecessarily hard by buying into practices of facebooks and airbnbs, building dream castles (they call them plans) of a future that never will be and obsessing over growth for the sake of looking good in conferences.

I used to be one of those people.

I worked 80+ hour weeks, was never really on vacation, used words like “hustling” and “grinding” to describe my days, thought everything I did was crucial for the success of the company, and was possessed to do The Right Things The Right Way™ after snorting too much crack cocaine in the form of First Round Review articles.

Eventually I realised that most of the things I do don’t really matter, and learned to find meaning in the work itself instead of the fantasy of future fame and success.

I write to clarify my thinking and to make sense of the world around me. I occasionally share my thinking in this blog. I try to keep my posts short and hope that they help you to make up your own mind.