Custom iOS Beta Program Signup Page in less than 2 minutes

When building iOS apps, it's unnecessarily tidious to get users to onboard your Testflight Beta Program. With Apple's iTunes Connect, you need to manually gather and add testers' email addresses - uncool.

Luckily you don't have to do it anymore. There is a way to publish a custom Beta Program Signup Page in less than 2 minutes and not costing you a dime. I promise. And I'll show you how.

Automate your Testflight Beta Program with Fastlane Boarding

  1. Open up a Heroku account at It's free and the selections you make about the languages don't have any bearing. #yolo

  2. Go to Boarding's GitHub repo and click "Deploy to Heroku".

  3. Enter your iTunes Connect credentials (this user needs to have permissions to manage Testflight users) and your app's bundle identifier into their respective fields. If you need to use advanced options (e.g. password protect the page), check Boarding's docs.

  4. Sit and wait until Heroku finishes building the app and then press "View" to see your signup page live in the wild.

  5. Configure a custom domain name for your page from Heroku's dashboard if you want. is free to use and customize, but requires a paid account.

  6. Start sharing the link to people you want to start testing out the app. Keep in mind that you are limited to 2000 beta testers!

You can check our signup page at And yes, it really is this simple. Big up for KrauseFx and all the other contributors of this awesome Fastlaneproject!

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